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The Journey

I have been testing my models in Demo mode now for about 8 months and have been live using real accounts , real money since April 2021. Had a couple of positive months so far, April and May. Will publish all details/results soon. Keep a look out. Struggling a little this month for returns but we will see at the end of the month.

The plan is to allow people to copy/mirror trade my account from 1st July. If anyone wants to get on board early good offer rates with a view in 6 months, with consistent results, will be the real launch date for sales. Price details yet to be finalised but contact if you are interested. But the target audience for this product will be those that want to save a little , just starting on the journey, i.e can have £100 to £300 pounds to invest per annum, either as a lump sum or total contributions. The idea is to give a decent return rate and little chance of loss but to grow the account. That is exactly what I'm doing now for myself. I just want to start saving and making a little money. Then I'll try to invest a little more and get enough returns for a free holiday once a year. Then, who knows?


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